Nadia’s Gift increases its focus (cont.)

To provide greater involvement and visibility into all their programs touching breast cancer, Nadia's Gift Trustee, Peter Van Camp, joined the Damon Runyon Board. This is expected to be a strong ongoing relationship between the two foundations in the years ahead.

As 2013 began, Nadia's Gift funded its second Damon Runyon-Rachleff Innovator Award to Nicholas Navin, Ph D at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

As a second area of focus, Nadia's Gift Foundation has continued its ongoing appreciation of the Stanford Cancer Institute, launching Nadia's Gift Research Fund in 2013, which is an annual grant to be awarded during each of the next five years to the most impactful breast cancer research at Stanford. The selection committee will be comprised of the Director of the Cancer Institute, selected breast cancer faculty and Nadia's Gift Foundation. Stanford was very meaningful to Nadia's care and we are very pleased that we've shaped a mechanism to support their work for a number of years to come.

2012: Nadia's Gift is currently supporting twelve different projects that fit the foundation's objectives.

We are pleased to report a number of new projects benefiting from the support of Nadia’s Gift as well as follow-on grants to acknowledge the progress of some exciting work already underway.

The first new grant of 2012 is in collaboration with the Damon Runyon Foundation supporting its Rachleff Innovation Award. The Damon Runyon Foundation conducts an annual search for the best and brightest young researchers with the most promising new ideas. Nadia’s Gift will support Gregory L. Beatty M.D., Ph.D, one of these young scientists, with a three year grant for his project Targeting Macrophages for Cancer Therapy at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.


A second grant has been made to support a team of researchers at the Mayo Clinic and the first phase of a three year project, entitled BEAUTY, focused on identifying genetic abnormalities that result in a patient’s predisposition to breast cancer.


Nadia’s Gift has also made a follow-on grant to help continue the work of Dr. Ronald Levy, Professor and Chief, Division of Oncology, at Stanford University. Early in 2011, we became excited by Ron’s developments in the use of monoclonal antibody technology in the treatment of HER2 breast cancer.


This year Nadia’s Gift has provided follow-on support for I-SPY 2 (, a newly-designed approach to clinical trials that provides the latest drugs to patients with early stage or recently diagnosed breast cancer before the tumor is removed to provide immediate information on drug efficacy.

Additionally, Nadia’s Gift has funded a new application of, an online resource developed by the National Cancer Institute and UCSF to assist patients in clinical trial matching, designed to identify proposed and ongoing clinical trials appropriate for each particular patient. The goal of the grant is to facilitate expanded use of the site to trials targeting other forms of cancer.

These projects and all the work of Nadia’s Gift would not have been possible without the support of Nadia’s family and friends. The Foundation would like to thank all of you for remembering Nadia through your continued support. We would also like to acknowledge Scott and Joanie Kriens for their substantial help in support of the Mayo’s Clinic’s BEAUTY Project, and Bill and Betsy McKiernan for their significant contribution to Dr. Levy’s work on HER2 breast cancer.